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Cy Twombly - Exhibition Tate Modern - Southwark - London - Cityoki

The abstract expressionist art of Cy Twombly is on display at the Tate Modern

Until 31st December 2015

Until 31st December 2015, the Tate Modern is highlighting the paintings of American artist Cy Twombly, including three major canvasses from the Bacchus series.

The Tate Modern has kept an area devoted to the artist’s work since 2010. The exhibition includes in particular three large paintings by Cy Twombly, taken from the Bacchus series, which were bequeathed to the museum on the artist’s death in 2011. These are abstract canvasses from late in his career, between 2006 and 2008. The artist also used sculpture to evoke classical antiquity and myth. The Roman god of wine is a recurrent theme in Cy Twombly’s work. A pillar of the New York School, Cy Twombly did not draw: instead he created vague forms, he wrote, he let the line wander hither and thither as if carried away by its own lightness and the subtlety of his work. In 2005, the American artist immersed himself in Homer’s Iliad, the epic saga from Ancient Greece, drawing his inspiration from it to produce a series of eight red paintings, three of which can be seen at the Tate Modern until 31st December 2005.

Having used pencil and graffiti in his early paintings, towards the end of his career he introduced elements of fragility and hesitation into his expressionist and abstract paintings. All the sculptures shown in the room devoted to the artist are bronze and assemblages that Cy Twombly created from found objects and detritus, such as the top of an olive barrel which forms Rotalla, for example. Through these simple pieces, Cy Twombly evokes classical artefacts like chariots and ships. Faced by the abstract expressionist works of Cy Twombly, the visitor feels they are confronted by a prose hymn to a poem.

Don’t wait until the last moment on 31st December 2015 to discover this exceptional artist’s work in full-scale. A marvellous stroll through the artistic world of Cy Twombly is waiting.

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Place : Tate Modern

Address : Bankside London SE1 9TG

District : Southwark

Open hours : Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm, Friday - Saturday: 10am - 10pm

Transport : Metro: Southwark

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