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Buenos Aires
Café Tortoni - Cafe - Central Buenos Aires - Microcentro - Buenos Aires

Cafe Tortoni – a legendary cafe in the heart of Buenos Aires

Located in Buenos Aires, the Cafe Tortoni is a legendary place with a typically grandiose 19th century décor, where all the intellectuals of the period were wont to meet.

The story of the Cafe Tortoni: from Paris to Buenos Aires

There was an original Cafe Tortoni in Paris, Boulevard des Italiens, managed by Velloni at the time of the post-Revolution Directoire (1795-1799), then taken over by the Tortoni family. It was very successful amongst the Paris elite of the 19th century who rubbed shoulders there with courtesans, dandies and streetwalkers. The Italian ice-creams of all types became the house specialities and today you can still find an iced dessert called a Tortoni. Nowadays the building is occupied by the bank BNP Paribas.

Modelled on the Paris original, the Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires was opened in 1858 by a French emigre called Touan.

The oldest cafe in the Argentine capital

At the time, and still today, the Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires is where many intellectuals, artists and politicians like to gather for discussions over a coffee. In the basement, an arts and literary association, La Peña, would bring together some of the greats like Jorge Luis Borges and Benito Quinquela Martin. Today the room accommodates tango shows and jazz concerts every evening and occasionally, poetry competitions. The oldest cafe in the capital, architect Alexandre Christophersen designed its facade on the Avenida de Mayo. The interior has also retained its old world charm…

For further details on this legendary cafe

Address : Avenida de Mayo 829, Buenos Aires

District : Microcentro

Open hours : Monday - Saturday: 7.30am - 2am. Sunday: 9am - 1am

Transport : Metro : Piedras

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